Kids! Make 20th Century Stuff for Halloween

Why not? Make a papier-mâché space man with tinfoil and tempera paint. Or a Halloween layer cake. Or a Room of Horrors. Plus, read a creepy story. How? See the downloadable pdfs below.

First, make a costume using Marcia Lynn Cox’s 1977 instruction book Creature Costumes and stuff you find around the house (maybe).

One-Eyed Thing:

Demon Spirit:

Crocodile Creature:

Moon Maiden:

Also, bake a Halloween cake using this recipe from the 1959 General Foods Kitchen Cookbook:

Then, plan a party using Willa Morley’s 1958 Party Games (with illustrations by Erika Weihs). You can be a witch fortune teller, or rise from beyond the grave.

And, don’t forget the scary story. In this case, “The Golden Arm,” taken from Maria Leach’s 1959 anthology The Thing at the Foot of the Bed, featuring illustrations by Kurt Werth.