Tex and Lucky

Back in late July at the Goodwill in Alamogordo, we found The Best of Tex and Lucky, presented below. There’s not much on the internet about Tex and Lucky except a joke and an obituary. Too bad, they’re an interesting duo. Their music features piano, drums, bass, and the Hammond Solovox, a strange electro-keyboard instrument of the mid-twentieth century. The playing and singing are spare, simple, and lively.

The liner notes:

Tex and Lucky met and married in Raton, New Mexico. Since that time they have traveled extensively, as a musical team, playing for their many fans from coast to coast and even up into Canada. In response to many requests from their loyal supporters they have produced this — their first album. Of course, it is their sincere wish that it will please you as they would like to continue their recording activity.

Tex Shirley was born in New Mexico. His wife, Lucky, was born in Hartford, Connecticut. Somehow Tex manages to do a lot of booking in New Mexico. And by now Lucky believes the West may be just a little better place than the east.

Furthermore, New Mexicans are proud of Tex and Lucky and of their contributions to the Country and Western field of music. All the selections on this album, with one exception, are their own originals. As you will discover while listening to this album, their talent has variety, depth, and the deep feel that goes with country music.

It was a great pleasure for me to work with Tex and Lucky. Tex kept us laughing with his jokes. Lucky had to do the hard work on the drums while Tex coasted along on the piano and solo-vox. Bill Talley was very helpful while playing the electric bass.


Respectfully Yours, Calvin Boles, Yucca Studio

Lucky’s obituary gives us this bit of information:

Lorraine “Lucky” Shirley was born May 12, 1931, in Hartford, Conn. She was raised and educated in Hartford, graduating from high school there. She and her dad moved to Raton, NM after her graduation. She became a horse trainer for the racetrack in Raton. She married Chesley “Tex” Shirley on January 19, 1956. They formed a band named “The Best of Tex and Lucky, The Traveling Sweethearts” and performed throughout New Mexico and the Southwest. [I wonder if their band was really called The Best of Tex and Lucky?] Tex died in July 1980. [Lucky died January 2000.]

Click the audio player below to hear three Tex and Lucky numbers: “Brace Yourself,” “Truck Driver’s Sweetheart,” and “Listen to the Mockingbird.” (Best on Safari or Chrome.) You may also download the entire album here.