Tucumcari – Gallup – Kingman

We arrived the night of August 1st in Tucumacari, New Mexico, at the beginning of our crunch to make it home to the West Coast (Tucumcari to Gallup to Los Angeles to San Francisco in three days). We stayed in one of those places that attempts to capture the glory days of motel accomodations on Route 66. It captured it all too well with shitty air conditioning on a blast furnace summer night, and tiny room with large, creaky furniture. Phone booth-sized shower.

Hotel:Tattoo shop driveway:

Restaurant signs:


I-10 between Tucumcari and Moriarty, New Mexico:

West to Moriarty, we found Bethel Community Storehouse. A huge place, filled with shoppers. They had a great set of cynical old coasters for drunkards that we got, and cassette tapes were on sale for 10¢ a piece. I picked up a stack. Here’s my favorite so far:
Listen to Ken’s rendition of “Sabor a mi” (best with Safari or Chrome):

Made it to Gallup, home of my favorite Goodwill. There’s always great stuff there, and it’s the only place I know that has bilingual store signs in English and Navajo (Diné bizaad):

On through the desert to Kingman, Arizona, another thankless town, made miserable by its jealous proximity to California. There we met an old store clerk woman who complained to us about high California taxes, even though as an Arizona resident she didn’t have to pay them. At another place we met a grumpy man who apparently didn’t want to sell anything in his store. He had a beautiful painting of Marilyn Monroe, though: