Hennessey Pies

Wednesday we were traveling down dusty US 81 between Enid and Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Stopped at a junk shop in Hennessey. Down the street, a promising looking pastry place:
Since we were still on a donut jag but lacking donuts, I thought pie might do. It did. Eat It Up! was beautiful. I was going to get two things, one for me, one for T. The more I looked at their display, the more I wanted. Peach cobbler. Then, the cherry pie. “Mixed berry pie,” said Autumn, who was waiting on me, “don’t want you to be disappointed when you bite into it.” I wasn’t. Autumn suffered me graciously the several times I indicated I was finished ordering, only to change my mind when spying some other sweet baked wonder. Autumn said it was okay to take pictures. In my excitement about the pastry, I couldn’t keep the camera steady:

Autumn also allowed me to take some pictures of her. Again, my photo-hand was unsteady:

So we took the Eat It Up! sweets with us, and pulled one out for sustenance whenever the road wearied us.

Thanks Autumn, for your kindness and the wonderful Eat It Up! stuff.

Update (August 5): We are now home, and after carefully preserving them, have finished off our Eat It Up! delicacies by eating your delicious, delicious apple walnut bundt cake thingy after dinner with a nice tea. Thanks for making our vacation more wonderful, and for making it last just a bit longer.