HAIRIAM in Arkansas

I think now it’s been three days since we headed up from Natchez to Memphis. We passed through Brookhaven and Jackson, Mississippi. Between Natchez and Brookhaven, there’s a tiny place called Roxie, another of those places that are now quite deserted.

Roxie, Mississippi

We got to Memphis, and went straight to the donut place because, as mentioned in an earlier post, we’d been craving donuts. Next morning we were lost, and ended up right by the donut place again, so we had to stop. We were going to get six donuts, but the six became twelve. I was feelin’ all fusiony that morning, so I ordered a bacon-maple donut. This is what they look like:

Bacon-maple donut thing at Gibson’s, Memphis

It took me a while to get the guts to eat the thing, but I did, and it was pretty good, tho’ I don’t want another. Aside from the donuts, we figured out we didn’t enjoy being in Memphis (too big), so we cruised across the Mississippi to West Memphis, Arkansas, a place that seems like Memphis’ maligned stepchild. We liked it.

West Memphis, Arkansas

8th Street Mission, West Memphis

8th Street Mission display window

We ate lunch in West Memphis at a place called Willie Mae’s Rib Haus. The food was a pleasure, the BBQ sandwich with slaw has etched an engram into my taste buds.

We then headed to Marion, just north. It was swampy there.

Marion, Arkansas

From Marion/West Memphis, westward to Pine Bluff. On the way, we kind of got lost in the town of Clarendon. I got scared thinking it was one of those deals where you drive in all unsuspecting, then can’t find the way out. At nightfall, the townsfolk pounce on you. We made it out though, after several misfires featuring railroad tracks and unbridged rivers.

Arriving at Pine Bluff in the early evening, we found ourselves in their downtown area, and it’s like those small, devastated towns we’ve been reporting on, only this isn’t a small town. The place features a number of modest highrises, nearly all of them vacant. It was an incredible feeling being among these buildings in the heat as the sun was setting, with no one out there, only an occasional car going by.

Downtown Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Pine Bluff

We left Pine Bluff yesterday morning after stopping at a flea market that a local had recommended. We bought peaches there that are very tasty. (Click the play button below for flea market sounds.)

Now we are in Fayetteville, and plan to spend the day in the Ozarks.

Near Hot Springs, Arkansas

Near Toad Suck Park, Conway, Arkansas

Near Toad Suck Park

Fayetteville flea market painting