Fayetteville Coffee Two-Step

This morning in Fayetteville, Arkansas, we found ourselves low on coffee. Because we make our own at home and on the road, we went looking for a local coffee roaster in order to buy beans. We found Arsaga’s, right down the street from our hotel. The place was in an industrial park, apparently the roasting plant and business office. I was ready to move on, but T encouraged me to go in and ask if they’d sell us a pound of coffee. Inside we found two nice people, Cary Arsaga and the office manager Janis, who would indeed sell us coffee. We began to chat and told them we’d just come from Louisiana. Cary asked what part, and we told him around Lafayette. This turned out to be where Cary grew up! The conversation quickly turned to Cajun music, and next thing you know, Cary, who is learning to play, pulled out an accordion and broke into “Amedee Two-Step,” a Cajun standard. He was kind enough to let us document him playing:

Thanks Cary and Janis for making our day! If we’re ever in Fayetteville again, we’ll come and get coffee, and perhaps some more music.