Almost Blue Bayou

The day after our great outing in the Eunice, Louisiana area, we headed south to Bayou Country, traveling from Lafayette to Broussard, New Iberia, Franklin, Morgan City, and finally, Houma. These places weren’t as generous to us as those north of Lafayette, although they were still charming in a hot and damn humid kinda swampy way. A man on the street in Franklin asked me the way to an ATM. I told him I didn’t know the town, then he told me he was visiting from California. Turns out he’s from Berkeley. Told him we live in Richmond, and he said, “it sure is a small world!”

In Houma we lucked into another cache of Cajun 45s, then were so tired we opted out of going to New Orleans (a mere 60 miles away) and headed back to the hotel in Lafayette. Sorry New Orleans! We’ll be back, though. Promise.

Rose’s Cafe, Morgan City

A crane or some such thing* near Lafayette

After Lafayette, north to Alexandria then finally Natchez, Mississippi. On the way we encountered another small, nearly desolate town, Oberlin. The place has an amazing abandoned appliance store that is fully stocked, but falling apart from the inside out (see pics below). The store is being overrun with ivy — it is even growing inside the building. I was walking down the street by the messed-up appliance store and a man driving by stopped his car to ask me where the jailhouse was. I said I didn’t know, and he retorted, “you’re lost, too?” Don’t know why folks are always asking me for directions.

Anyway, after Oberlin and a quick but pleasant jaunt through Alexandria (some very nice, but unpretentious, old tree-lined residential areas): Natchez, on the Mississippi. Had dinner that night at a place called Biscuits & Blues — good food, but especially superb biscuits, served with disgustingly good peach butter. In Natchez next morning, we started wanting donuts, an urge we could not satisfy until we got to Memphis that night and stopped at Gibson’s (more on that later, perhaps).

Fantastic little biscuit at Biscuits & Blues, Natchez, Mississippi

Barge on the Mississippi, Natchez

Southern belle at the thrift store

The things one finds in them Christian thrift stores (Brookhaven, MS)

Save me from myself

*Amateur ornithologist J.R. has informed us that the bird above is a cattle egret. Thanks, J.R.