Sunday evening we made it into Lake Charles, Louisiana. On our way in, we passed through Beaumont, Texas. We stopped there for dinner at a place called Willy Burger. It was very good, but either our bodies are no longer used to fried foods, or we should simply know better than to eat a thing called a Willy Burger. Bad news for both of us.

The tasty culprit

Monday was a great day. We came upon many wonderful places, some quite by accident. Being the ill-prepared tourists that we are, we happily ended up in Eunice, Louisiana not knowing it was something like the Cajun capital. Went into a crazy junk store where the women running the place were telling us about the Balfa Brothers living on “the back road right over there. Right behind us!” Got some nice records from them, released on a label from a neighboring town, Ville Platte, where we headed next. There we found another store that had tons of old Cajun vinyl, and down the street the store that had produced the records, Floyd’s, still in business, but closed for the day. All of the towns in the area were mysterious and beautiful.

The above was in the store with the Balfa Brothers-story-telling women

Our Cajun counterpart, sort of

Passenger seat images of the day, featuring the music of Premium Fortenberry, “All of God’s Children Got Shoes.” From a 45 rpm disc picked up that day. (Although it was mainly a day for Cajun music, there were a number of good gospel and old r&b finds, too.):