Day six of our trip brought us to Alamogordo, New Mexico. After our earlier Indio stopover, we headed to just north of Tucson, Arizona for a few days with my father. Yesterday morning we were back on the road, beginning on I-10 east to Benson and Willcox, Arizona, then on to Lordsburg, Las Cruces, and finally Alamogordo (via US 70). The terrain from Tucson to Alamogordo is very beautiful. We’ve taken the route a number of times, and still find it breathtaking (see video below).

Benson has a bookstore we really like:

Willcox has a certain desert angst:

Soon after Willcox, we slipped out of Arizona and into New Mexico, stopping first at Lordsburg. With a hint of the Old West, Lordsburg is also noted as a popular resting point for persons traveling cross-country, although the construction of I-10 has seemingly put a dent in that, as evidenced by the areas of town that have fallen into disrepair. We love the place, and they have a great restaurant, Ramona’s. They have yummy, yummy tacos (Southwestern style, known as meat tacos on the menu), and incredible hamburgers. Teresa and I have eaten a few hamburgers over the years, and we both agree that few come close to the deliciousness of burgers at Ramona’s.

Lordsburg architecture:

Made it to Alamogordo around 7 pm, and headed to our favorite Chinese restaurant. Closed! For good. They had the best egg foo young – nice and puffy. Nevertheless, we found a worthy substitute in the restaurant around the corner, Taiwan House. Then on to our favorite Alamogordo motel, the White Sands. It was open, and they had a room and everything.


[vimeo 46090734]